French Quarter Fun Part 1

We arrived safely in New Orleans yesterday evening and set out to first, of course, explore the cuisine!

On recommendation (from Ben who was actually here 2 weeks ago) we ate dinner at the Palace Cafe in the French Quarter.

The front sitting area was adorable and was so very much like all the French cafes we visited in June! The bistro tables and wicker chairs gave this open-air sidewalk dining area an authentic franco feel. It made my heart smile to remember the wonderful times we had in France!

We did not, however, sit in the cute sidewalk cafe area, but instead ate inside the palace (it’s not really a ‘palace’ but was apparently originally a multi-story music store.) I unfortunately neglected to photograph the beautiful interior (shame on me!) but imagine a 2-story room with gold ceilings, delicate wrought iron work, and scalloped balconies surrounding the atrium-like opening in the center of the dining room. Comfortably luxe!

As wonderful as the surroundings were, the food was definitely something to write home about! Among the four of us we tasted the gumbo, corn and shrimp chowder, excellent seafood entrees and of course, dessert. Bananas Foster, which they made on a wheeling cart right in front of us:

These are the ingredients waiting patiently for the show. (I got a kick out of the ice cream mountain…)

After dinner we ventured to Bourbon Street to check out the infamous debauchery.

(*Please excuse the poor quality of these next photos; my super-paranoid self was too busy being aware of my surroundings to manually focus the camera…)

Walking the bar-lined street was such an experience! My PG self didn’t even photography the scandalousness we encountered, but I did capture some of the most entertaining signs:

Anatomically correct neon:

Speaks for itself:

Best tagline:

Lastly, a shout out to my Gator parents:

Our jaunt down Bourbon Street was a good preview of the tawdry activities of Mardi Gras; we all noted that if this is what the street is like on a weeknight in the middle of September, we can’t imagine being here for Mardi Gras!

More French Quarter fun to come!

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