By trolley!

Hi all!

I’m back with a stroll through the Garden District of New Orleans!

I’m gonna try to keep it short and show mostly photos!

I got to the Garden District by streetcar which was the most fantastic way to travel!

My new preferred method of transportation

The little wooden seats with their shaded windows were so precious! They also flipped up and turned over for the return trip in the opposite direction so that passengers are always facing forward– Turn-of-the-century genius!

Little bare light bulbs lit the street car:

And on the way I noticed that the telephone lines were covered in Mardi Gras beads! (At home in Richmond kids throw shoes all over the telephone lines…the beads are much cooler!)

When I arrived in the Garden Districts I decided to just make my way around the neighborhood to enjoy the homes and gardens (with help from my Fodor’s map, of course!) The following pictures are what I got to see:

I thought this marble carriage step was so fun!

Because of how low ground level is in New Orleans, the cemeteries are full of mausoleums:

Aren’t the houses and gardens so beautiful!? I had such a great time walking around the shaded neighborhood on such a beautiful September day.

I highly recommend taking time to do this when you go to New Orleans- there are so many historic homes to discover… enjoy!

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