30 Blessed Years

Last weekend we celebrated my (Sarah) parents’ 30th wedding anniversary!

Yvette and Rick...30 years together and counting!

My sisters Lauren and Katherine and Ben and I rented a baller party bus through James Limousine (a fantastic local limo company that we highly recommend!- and no we weren’t perked to say that!) and planned a whirlwind wine tour through central Virginia!

About to board the Anniversary Party Bus!

Mom and Dad on the Anni Party Bus!

Many friends and family members joined us to celebrate Mom and Dad’s 30th: Vickie and Wes- neighbors of 23 years and counting; Ben’s parents Cindy and Philip, Mark and Myrna- friends from church, Mom’s sisters/family-Gina, Rodney, Shannon and Sharon!Once we got on the road we pulled out the game that the four of us (Lauren, Katherine, Ben and I) devised to test everyone’s trivia knowledge of Mom and Dad. That’s me playing moderator and Mark trying hard to beat his wife, Myrna who did end up winning the whole game.

These are the contestants trying to win: Myrna (the ultimate winner) on the left with curly hair, Vickie in purple telling everyone the answer, Cindy making up a story in lieu of the correct answer, Ben…sitting?, and Mom probably embarrassed by all the attention.

Philip next to Mom cheesing it up, Wes correcting Vickie’s answer so everyone gets it right, Dad telling Wes the correct details to announce.

For the record, this photo was taken before the first vineyard stop- Wes is just that fun! In case you can’t tell, that’s a ‘grill’ he’s fashioned out of a gum rapper wrapper.

After an excellent bus ride we made it to Cooper Vineyard in Louisa, VA. This up-and-coming vineyard boasts a swank new eco-friendly building and some excellent white wines. Philip (Ben’s dad) is a huge fan of whites and thoroughly enjoyed all the dessert wines.

Cindy, Philip, Lauren, Katherine (often confused as my twin) and Ben tasting at Cooper

Myrna, Mom, Mark, Dad, Vickie and Wes tasting at Cooper

After tasting all of Cooper’s vinos we hit the bus again this time bound for Keswick Vineyards. Mom’s sisters and family met us here (they live in Orange, VA-very close to Keswick) which made our party 16 strong!

Gina, Rodney, Shannon, and Sharon brought us all a delicious picnic lunch! It was so relaxing to sit outside on a beautiful fall day, sipping wine, eating lunch, and enjoying great company. Such a blessing!

Because we were so big, Keswick let us sit and picnic on the grounds and a Keswick sommelier treated us to a private tasting right at our picnic table!

Keswick’s wines were fantastic- the reds were particularly delicious and they had this heavenly wine-infused chocolate sauce that they let us try…enough said.

out-of-focus pic of the heavenly chocolate sauce...

Rebecca, our sommelier, making the rounds:

Ben, me and Lauren waiting to taste

Lauren, Gina, Shannon and Katherine waiting to taste

Gina, Shannon and Katherine

Keswick's tasting collection...yum

Picnic and tasting on a beautiful October afternoon!

Tasting like they know!

The whole Anni Party: Myrna, Mark, Sharon, Ben, Me, Lauren, Gina, Katherine, Cindy, Philip, Mom, Dad, Rodney, Vickie, Wes

Once we finished lunch, we hit the bus one more time to head to our last stop: Barboursville vineyard!

Single-double-fisting? (For the record only one of those was hers!)

We were running short on time, so we didn’t end up tasting at Barboursville (but we have before and they have some excellent wines!) Instead, we made our way to the ruins and did a little sight-seeing before heading back to the RIC:

And that concludes our trip! Happy Anniversary to the best role models anyone could ask for! (But maybe I am biased ?)ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

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