Exciting News: We’ve Moved to L.A.!

Hi everyone!

For those of you who might not have heard, we’ve moved to Los Angeles! That’s right, as of Friday, October 11 we’re officially living in the sunny state of California.

California Davenports

The short story is that Ben was offered a transfer to the LA office of his company and, excited for an adventure, we accepted!

Don’t get us wrong, we love Richmond. We love its history, charm, architecture, seasons, location, and personality. Richmond is where our childhood memories were made, where we met, where we spent our summers, where many of our friends and family live, where we started our careers, where we lived for our first 4.5 years of marriage.  It’s the place we both call home and someday we hope to return to Richmond to be closer to our family and friends.

But when we were offered the opportunity to move to someplace completely new to us, we just couldn’t resist! A move like this would allow us to experience some exciting new things, like: a big move together, a different culture, a different environment, new clients for Ben, a new job for me, new people, fresh styles, more traveling, and an opportunity to make improvements in our lifestyle. Sign us up!

So we spent 4 quick weeks cleaning out our apartment, selling most of our things and packing up the rest:

Pod-packing Triumph

Here’s some documentation of Ben’s mad POD packing skills- it was a close fit to pack most of our things in a 7x7x8′ POD, but my Tetris-loving man had fun making sure nothing would shift en route. Boy am I glad he enjoys this!

Once we got everything buttoned  up here in Richmond, we were ready for our exciting road trip across the country!  With a tight squeeze we said “Goodbye for now” to our hometown, our beloved family and friends, and our favorite little Fan apartment on the corner of Hanover and Davis.

Hanover Ave Love

Goodbye home!

California or Bust! 🙂

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