RVA to LA Road Trip Day 1: VA & TN

Hi y’all! Welcome to the first post in our 5 post series on our road trip across the country!

If you missed the post, we’ve moved to Los Angeles! After packing our stuff into a 7×7′ POD and shipping it across the country (along with Spike, our Xterra) we packed Walter our Prius with some necessities and hit the road for our RVA to LA Road Trip!ย (yeah, we name our cars with names that match the personalities we’ve assigned them…call us crazy)

For the ride, my dad got us this handy atlas in which he conveniently highlighted to shortest trip between RVA and LA- complete with the ‘proper’ direction of said trip:

Day 1 Map 1

Day 1 Map 2

Thanks, Daddy ๐Ÿ˜‰

For entertainment on the trip, in addition to good old-fashioned conversation, we read aloud this American classic, compliments of our friend Betsy:

Day 1 Book for Trip

If you’ve never read it, it’s quite the novel!

We began our trip on Monday morning (October 7.) Hands down, this was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. We have a truly beautiful country and it was such a treat to be able to experience it! We had such a blast over our 5-day trip; each day was more exciting than the one before as we started to see landscapes that were so different than what we’re used to (although Ben has lived in several different states in his life, I had never seen most of the land we drove through!) We took HUNDREDS of photos (mostly from the car on our phones) that we’re dying to share with you, so let’s get started!

Our Day 1 progress: From Richmond, through Charlottesville, through Blacksburg, past the Tennessee line, ย with a stop in Knoxville, to Nashville- here’s what we saw:


Day 1 Virginia 4

Hitting the road!

Day 1 Peanut Truck VA

We passed a peanut cruising down the highway…?

Day 1 Rain in RVA 1

Richmond gave us a pretty soggy send-off, but by the time we got to 81, the sun came out:Day 1 Virginia 2

Day 1 Virginia 6

South Western VA- even farther sound than VT!Day 1 Virginia 8

So long, Virginia!


Day 1 Tennessee 1

Hello, Tennessee!

Day 1 Knoxville 3

Our first stop in Tennessee was the precious city of Knoxville. We got there just in time for dinner on the Market Square. To get there, you have to ring this bell.

Day 1 Knoxville 1

Knoxville Market Square Arch

The Market Square Arch

Day 1 Knoxville 5

Market Square, Knoxville

Ben Knoxville Market Square

Stretching our legs as we explored the Market Square area- it was full of cute shops and fun restaurants!

University of Tennessee Stadium

After eating at Cafe 4 (a food and drink post a la Ben to come) we found the University of Tennessee stadium. Then we headed off to Nashville.

While en route to Nashville, we had our first hiccup of the trip.ย And by hiccup I mean we had to run over a big piece of tire debris since there was no way to avoid it, and our poor Walter (our Prius) got a little banged up. After pulling over to check it out, we realized that only the little guard on the front was damaged so we did what anyone else would do at 10 PM in a random gas station parking lot- we bought some duct tape and MacGyvered that guard right up! Good to go (however trashy it might look…)

duct tape

We pulled into Nashville just in time to go to bed; Tuesday was going to be a long day of driving- we wish we had had some time to hang out in a honky tonk, but we’ll have to do that some other time!

We did stay in a Marriott that overlooked the Vanderbilt Stadium, which Ben enjoyed:

Vanderbilt Stadium

While I really loved the decor in the hotel lobby ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nashville Hotel

Day 1 complete!

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