RVA to LA Road Trip Day 2: TN, AK, & TX

Hey y’all!  We’re back with Day 2 of our RVA to LA Road Trip!

Day 2 Progress: From Nashville, through Memphis, across the Mississippi, into Arkansas, with a stop in Little Rock, across the Texas state line, and into Dallas to meet our friend Austin for the night!


We started Day 2 bright and early- in fact we were out of the hotel and hitting the road right before dawn! Before we left Nashville, we scouted out the Vanderbilt campus, which is quite pretty:

Nashville Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt Nashville


Hello, Arkansas!

Let me take a quick second to tell you about a little challenge we have for ourselves, we call it 30 before 30. Basically, we have a goal of visiting 30 states before we turn 30 (and to clarify, we can only cross a state off if we’ve stopped to do something of note, there!) So with this trip, we both got to cross off a few states on our challenge, and Arkansas was the first one!

Day 2 Arknsas 1

I didn’t get a good picture of this, but the bridge we’re on in the picture above crosses the Mississippi river. I knew that the Mississippi was big, but man is it huge!

We took a quick break at the Arkansas visitor center which, by the way, was one of the best rest stations we’ve ever seen.

Ben got comfy with the nice granite ‘Arkansas’ sign…

Day 2 Arknsas 2

Day 2 Arknsas 4

Our next stop was Little Rock for lunch!

Little Rock Arkansas

In case you don’t know this already, Ben loves food. Every town we stopped in got a Zaggat search so we could eat in the best restaurant that town had to offer. For the record, we ate some really great food along the way!

For our Little Rock lunch, Ben found this little barbecue joint called ‘Whole Hog’… tuck in, Benny:

Whole Hog BBQ Arknsas 7


After lunch, we got back on the road headed for Texas!

DAY 2 Texas Driving


Another stop at the visitor’s center for a photo op- notice anything strange about this picture?

Texas Backward

Yeah, Texas is backwards 😉

Let’s try again:

Day 2 Texas 7

Much better. And Texas was the second state I could cross off my list!


Right before we got to Dallas we had a little trouble with our bikes… as in one of them fell off the rack! Fortunately we had them locked to each other, so it stayed propped up long enough for Ben to pull over and fix it. Good thing we had an extra bungee in the car- not to worry, Moms- no harm done 😉

DAY 2 Texas Bikes 1

DAY 2 Texas Bikes 3

DAY 2 Texas Bikes 2

We pulled into Dallas right at sunset- so pretty!

Day 2 Dallas Sunset 2

We’re kicking ourselves for not taking ANY pictures with Austin and her precious pup, Toby. We spent the night with her in her adorable apartment- she took us to dinner at Mi Cocina for some fabulous sangria margs and Mexican food. Evidently we were having too much fun to stop for photos!

Day 2 complete!

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