RVA to LA Road Trip Day 3: TX, NM & CO

Hi! Back with another RVA to LA Road Trip post!

Day 3 was another 13+ hour driving day, so we were up before dawn to say goodbye to Austin (in Dallas) hit the road!

Progress for Day 3: Dallas, through West Texas, with a stop in Amarillo, to the New Mexico border, through New Mexico, with a stop in Albuquerque, through the Colorado line, and into Durango!

Here’s what we saw:


Day 3 Dallas Sunrise

Dallas at dawn
Day 3 Texas 1I had a few goals during this road trip and one of them was to see a real-life prairie; Ben and I weren’t in agreement as to what a certified prairie looks like, though, so we’re still not sure if we did see one. Ben votes that the above picture is a perfect example of a prairie. What do you think?

Day 3 Texas 6

We saw a lot of oil rigs in west Texas; as crazy as it sounds, these babies were so cool! There were tons of them scattered throughout the landscape and all of their arms moved in a slow circle.

Day 3 Texas 5

We also saw lots of pretty Texas farmland.

Day 3 Texas 9

Day 3 Texas 10

And as we were driving along this little yellow prop plane was twirling through the air and racing us!

Day 3 Texas 12

My favorite part about driving through west Texas was the beautiful yellow flowers everywhere! I had to stop to take photos:

Day 3 Texas 15

The closer we got to New Mexico, the drier the landscape got:

Day 3 Texas 19

Day 3 Texas 24

Day 3 Texas 25

Day 3 Texas 27

Day 3 Texas 28

We stopped for lunch in Amarillo. On the way to the restaurant Ben found we came across a life-size version of Finn, the Goldfish goldfish! Ben has a sweet spot for Goldfish (they’re how he survived college) so we had to take a pic:

Day 3 Texas Amarillo 2

We ate an awesome dive diner called Coyote Bluff Cafe- great burgers and fries!

Day 3 Texas Amarillo Coyote Bluff 1

Day 3 Texas Amarillo Coyote Bluff 4

New Mexico

We got to the New Mexico border around mid-afternoon: Check off another state! NM got Ben to 30 states making him the winner of our challenge- New Mexico got me 20…I’ve got some catching up to do!

Day 3 New Mexico 5

Day 3 New Mexico 3

New Mexico’s landscape was really pretty, and though I kept a lookout, I never saw any cowboys:

Day 3 New Mexico 20

Day 3 New Mexico 6-2 small

Day 3 New Mexico grass

Day 3 New Mexico Ben

Day 3 New Mexico Sarah

It was SO windy in New Mexico! (Hello hair in my face) We learned later that there were unusually severe winds in New Mexico while we were there- go figure. This was the first of the odd weather events that we drove through.

We stopped for dinner in Albuquerque just as a big thunderstorm was moving in- according to the locals, thunderstorms like that are fairly rare. Glad we got to see it ๐Ÿ˜‰

We drove through the mountains and into Colorado at night; there was an incredible lightning storm during the drive and every few minutes the whole sky would crackle, lighting the mountains around us- it was so beautiful (though impossible to capture on camera!) We also saw a GIANT tumbleweed on this drive- it was almost as tall as our car!


We pulled into Durango, Colorado around 11 PM, just as it was starting to rain. My uncle and aunt have a condo on the river in Durango that they offered to us on our trip- we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit beautiful Durango so we drove a few hours out of the way to spend a night in their condo. What’s a few more hours if you’re already driving 40+, right?

Check off another state for me!

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