RVA to LA Road Trip Day 4: CO & AZ

Hi y’all! We’re back for Day 4 of our RVA to LA Road Trip!

Day 4 Progress: Durango, through the Colorado mountains, with a stop at Four Corners, into Arizona, with a stop in Flagstaff, and into Phoenix for the  night.


We woke up to a drizzly day in Durango, but that didn’t stop us from taking a beautiful walk along the river- we were getting a little stir crazy and needed to exercise.

Day 4 Colordo 93 small

We absolutely LOVED Colorado! It was such a beautiful state- especially at this time of year. The changing leaves were so pretty.  Here are the pictures from our stroll along the Animus River in Durango:

Day 4 Colorado 3

Day 4 Colorado 7

Day 4 Colorado 6

Day 4 Colorado 8

Day 4 Colorado 10

The water was such a pretty color:

Day 4 Colorado 12

And it was COLD!

Day 4 Colorado 30

There was this pretty little bridge along the river:

Day 4 Colorado 16

And while we were walking by, this happened:

Day 4 Colorado 19

Day 4 Colorado 22

Day 4 Colorado 24

This pretty little passenger train crossed the river- how cool!

The rain ended up getting pretty hard during our walk and the temperatures seemed to be dropping so we headed back to town for coffee and lunch. While we were sipping on coffee, we looked out the window and noticed the rain had turned to snow! (what!?)

Day 4 Colorado 35

Day 4 Colorado 36

When we started our walk it was in the 50’s and by lunchtime it was snowing!  We decided that this was just an opportunity for us to get one more taste of winter before we moved to the golden coast! (However unprepared we were for winter…these are the only shoes I had since my gym shoes were soaked from the walk that morning. Br!)

Day 4 Colorado 37

We hit the road right after lunch; This part of the trip, from Durango to Flagstaff, was both of our favorite part of the drive. It was so spectacularly beautiful! And we took a TON of photos, so this post is pretty long (or pretty and long)

Day 4 Colorado 38

Day 4 Colorado 39

Day 4 Colorado 41

Day 4 Colorado 42

Day 4 Colorado 44

Day 4 Colorado 43

Day 4 Colorado 45

Day 4 Colorado 47

Day 4 Colorado 48

Day 4 Colorado 49

Day 4 Colorado 50

The contrast of the snowy mountains against the beautiful fall leaves was stunning:

Day 4 Colorado 89

Day 4 Colorado 52

Day 4 Colorado 53

Day 4 Colorado 51

We eventually drove out of the snow (Walter handled the roads like a champ) and the landscape slowly began to change:

Day 4 Colorado 54

Day 4 Colorado 56

Day 4 Colorado 58

We started to see these really beautiful rock formations:

Day 4 Colorado 62

Day 4 Colorado 64

Day 4 Colorado 66

Day 4 Colorado 73

Look at how vast the landscape was:

Day 4 Colorado 74

More pretty yellow flowers!

Day 4 Colorado 80

Four Corners

We stopped at Four Corners for a photo shoot. It was so incredibly cold and windy! We ran taking pictures for like 3 minutes before we decided it was just too cold and kept driving:

Day 4 Four Corners 2

Day 4 Four Corners 3

Day 4 Four Corners 4

Day 4 Four Corners 9 small

Day 4 Four Corners 13 small

Day 4 Four Corners 20 small

Day 4 Four Corners 12

Day 4 Four Corners 14


Another check for my list, bringing me to number 22!

Day 4 Arizona 1

North-eastern Arizona was by far the most un-inhabited part of the trip. We went miles without seeing homes or exits or gas stations. But it was SO pretty:

Day 4 Arizona 4

Day 4 Arizona 5

Day 4 Arizona 8

Day 4 Arizona 11

Day 4 Arizona 17

Day 4 Arizona 34Day 4 Arizona 29Day 4 Arizona 48

As we were driving we approached a pretty dark storm.

Day 4 Arizona 23

The storm clouds made the mountains in the distance pop:

Day 4 Arizona 22

Day 4 Arizona 38Day 4 Arizona 44Day 4 Arizona 46

After the rain, the hills looked like they were made of silver! It was such a cool effect:

Day 4 Arizona 60Day 4 Arizona 56Day 4 Arizona 59Day 4 Arizona 58

We had to stop to take photos of the storm clouds with our nice camera:

Day 4 Arizona 87small

Day 4 Arizona 89

Day 4 Arizona 90

Day 4 Arizona 94

Day 4 Arizona 62

The weather started to clear up as we approached the Grand Canyon. Stopping at the Grand Canyon was another one of my goals for the trip, but  since the government was still shut down, the Grand Canyon was unfortunately closed.  We though we’d be able to find a way to see the giant hole in the ground even if the park was closed (hard to hide a giant canyon, right?) but unfortunately there were giant flashing signs on the road to the canyon saying that the park was closed, no through traffic, etc, etc. Ah well, we’ll just have to plan another trip! (Ironically enough, it opened the next day- right after we had passed it!)

Here’s what we saw instead- it was still so beautiful:

Day 4 Arizona 63

Day 4 Arizona 52

Day 4 Arizona 65

Day 4 Arizona 70

Day 4 Arizona 74

Day 4 Arizona 75

Day 4 Arizona 76

Day 4 Arizona 79

Day 4 Arizona 81

Day 4 Arizona 84

We spent the night in Phoenix where we got to visit with an old friend, Savannah, and her lovely family!

Day 4 Arizona 107

This was our last night on the road! We stayed in the Phoenix Renaissance and it was quite possibly the best hotel experience we have ever had. The staff here was incredibly friendly and completely accommodating. If you’re ever in Phoenix, we highly recommend staying here.

Anyway, after a beautiful drive, we hit the hay for our last day on the road!

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