RVA to LA Road Trip Day 5: AZ & CA!

Hey y’all! This is our last progress post about our RVA to LA Road Trip!

Day 5 Progress: Phoenix, through Arizona, across the California state line and into LA!


Before leaving Phoenix on Day 5 (Friday, Oct. 11, 2013) we toured around the Arizona State campus:

Day 5 Arizona 121

Day 5 Arizona 122

Day 5 Arizona 128

Day 5 Arizona 130

We got on the road in the late morning and drove through Arizona:

Day 5 Arizona 131

My favorite part was the Saguaro cacti! Another goal of mine was to get a picture with one of those bad boys, and we kept a lookout for a perfect specimen close enough to the road for a picture.

Day 5 Arizona 134

It took awhile to find one, but in the meantime, we saw some beautiful landscape:

Day 5 Arizona 137

Day 5 Arizona 142

We finally found a good cactus off of a rest stop entrance ramp! So we stopped and walked a few (hundred) yards through snake & insect- inhabited soil to get up close and personal with him:

Day 5 Arizona 144

Day 5 Arizona 143

Day 5 Arizona 145

Here’s the cactus:

Day 5 Arizona 147

And here’s the shot I was going for:

Day 5 Arizona cactus

Day 5 Arizona 148

After the long walk, and the photo shoot with the Saguaro we picked up some time on the way to the California border!


Hello, California!

This was the little checkpoint we had to drive through at the California border:

Day 5 California 1

Day 5 California 2

Most of the landscape from Arizona to LA was quite dry and desert-like:

Day 5 California 4

Day 5 California 6

Day 5 California 9

Day 5 California 14

After a few hours in, we just had to cross these mountains and then we’d arrive in LA:

Day 5 California 19

On the way, we came across these windmill farms- there were thousands of windmills all around the highway! This picture does not do justice to how cool it looked:

Day 5 California 20

We finished up our road trip book right before we saw this view:

Day 5 California 23

That’s right! We made it to Los Angeles! (And just in time for Friday afternoon rush hour traffic:) )

And with that, our road trip was over and our new adventure in LA began!

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