The Palette: Fabrics and Patterns

I know I’m way behind on posting pictures of our new apartment- I promise I’ll get them up soon (as soon as I can keep the whole place clean long enough to take photos 😉 )

In the meantime, though, I thought it would be fun to show you the patterns and textures we’ve decided to go with for this apartment. Our last home was full of saturated color and fit in well with the eclectic row houses of The Fan District in Richmond. We loved how fun and upbeat our old place was, but we thought for this new space we’d mix things up and go with a more serene, ‘West Coast’, beachfront feel. When we moved, we sold and donated a lot of our things (so we didn’t have to move them 3,000+ miles across the country) so we are nearly starting from scratch in this new apartment! Here’s what we’ve got so far:

The Fabrics:

Journey Inspired Fabrics

If it’s not abundantly clear in the image above, we’re going with a natural, gray color scheme for these digs. Why? Mostly because the natural light in here is AWESOME and I don’t want to do anything to hinder that. Seriously, our living room is like the brightest, happiest place on earth. And it’s a great spot for product photography for Dear June. Also, I didn’t want to take away from our surroundings- the sky and the ocean and mountains outside are so incredibly beautiful that I don’t want the interior to compete. I just want our space to be a comfortable, airy spot from which we can appreciate our pretty little ocean-front town.

But back to the fabrics! Since I’m aiming for a limited color pallet, I wanted to be sure to mix in a ton of complimenting pattern and texture to keep things interesting. I’ve paired some linear, geometric patterns with some softer, breezier fabrics for a nice balance. Let’s chat a bit about each piece:


‘The Stripes’ above is a duvet cover from Ikea. I’m using it in our bedroom as kind of a grounding piece. Our room is the smallest and darkest room in the apartment (pics and explanations of each room to come, I promise!) so most of what we have in there now is very light and airy. These stripes help to bring some weight to the room. Plus, it makes our down comforter extra fluffy!


The diamond print is an awesome runner from West Elm. I loved it so much I bought 2, one for our kitchen and one for our bathroom. I seriously debated buying a third for the guest room/office, but I refrained…so far! It’s a low-pile, hand woven rug that is the perfect texture for a beach town home- not too fancy and fuzzy, but enough to soften the hardwood floors.

sheets horizontal

This fun circle pattern is made by Threshold (from Target) and is the sheet set for the guest bedroom. It’s a great blend of masculine color and feminine pattern and adds some nice, small-scale detail to the room.


This tufted linen fabric is on the barstools from World Market that we have in the kitchen and office (actually, the office chairs are on their way!) Their soft gray color is perfect for both spaces, and their style is a little reminiscent of our East Coast origins. I love the way their conservative profiles play with the more modern pieces we have in the space. You may be wondering about the whole bar-stools-in-the-office thing. When we first moved in, and before we bought bar stools, Ben and I were standing at our super tall kitchen island as a workspace. Being tall people, we realized how much we love the 42″ counter height and also the option to stand and work. Which led to a 3-month long hunt for a stand-up desk solution  that also accommodated 2 more barstools to give us a complete 4-stool set in case we have a bigger kitchen island at a future home. I’m ALMOST finished with the desk workspace (well, finished enough to share photos) so that’s coming soon. And that was a long-winded description of the tufted linen fabric, eh? 😉


The breezy, loose pattern here is on all the curtains throughout the apartment. The space is pretty open and each room kind of flows into the next, so we wanted a unifying yet neutral tie between each room. Enter these fun sheers from Ikea! They add great subtle interest and privacy in each room without blocking too much of the awesome light. Plus they’re super long and affordable.


And lastly, this throw here was the starting point for our whole scheme. It was a gift from my Aunt Gina and is from Pottery Barn. I adore herringbone and this snuggly, chenille throw combines that fun pattern with a chunky, super-soft texture. It’s on our white sofa, paired with some neutral linen pillows for a calming look.

And there you have it: the current fabric line-up in our new apartment! What do you think?

Up next I’ll share some of the textures our apartment…get excited;)

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