House Tour: Living Room

Happy Monday!

I thought I’d start the week off in a fun way by FINALLY starting our House Tour! Let me preface this tour by saying that not a single room in our apartment is ‘finished’ so you’ll just be seeing the progress so far. We like to build elements of our space sporadically, so it takes us awhile to really ‘outfit’ our home.

On to the tour! I’ll be sharing our new home with room-by-room posts. Let’s start with our Living Room:

BEFORE Living Room Journey Inspired

Here’s what our living room looked like on move-in day. We love, love, LOVE the bright sunshine that spills into this room!

A little background information for the space: I was standing in our kitchen area to take this picture. The kitchen is kind of a galley-style kitchen that is open to the living room (which we LOVE- more on that when we post about the kitchen!)

On the right-hand side of the picture you’ll see our sliding glass and screen doors that open to a very small balcony. We rarely use the balcony (actually only for messy projects, really) because we have a fabulous communal balcony on the roof of our building that has an awesome view of the ocean, some grills, and some tables and chairs. If we’re not at the beach, our outdoor time is typically spent on the roof. The sliding door faces west, though, which allows for a ton of light all day long as well as some nice ocean breezes when the door is open.

In the center of the picture you can see our south-facing window which also offers tons of light and breezes. To the left is a narrow wall that is adjacent to our hallway. This wall has outlets and a heat vent on it.

Now that you have an idea of how the room is situated, on to the progress photos! To save you from scrolling, here’s the before photo again:

BEFORE Living Room Journey Inspired

And here is what the living room looks like now:

PROGRESS Living Room Journey Inspired Full View

We still have a long way to go (see the list at the end of this post) but we love how it’s starting to come together! Our main goals for the living room were:

  • Preserve the beautiful light!
  • Create a comfortable space that seats lots of people
  • Keep the interface between the kitchen and living room open and functional
  • Find a color palette that works for the whole house, is ‘California-esque’ (you know, when in Rome…) and is calm and neutral to fit into the coastal town style.

PRogress Living Room Window

We think that we’ve achieved the ‘light preservation’ goal- with the sheer curtains and white walls, this room is still so happy and bright!

PROGRESS Living Room Pillow & blanket Journey Inspired copy

PROGRESS Living Room Pillow Journey Inspired

As for the comfortable-space-that-fits-lots-of-people goal, our new little sectional from Ikea fits the bill perfectly! Even though it’s white (I’ve always wanted to try a white sofa!) it’s slip covered, so when I spill chocolate milk all over it (no, we don’t have kids- I’m the most accident-prone person in the house and I love chocolate milk…) I can just pop off the slip covers and throw them in the wash. We love how big it is- it can seat 6 very comfortably, and 8 if all parties love to snuggle. And the 2 chaise lounges on the end are so great for relaxing and reading or watching a game!

PROGRESS Living Room Door Journey Inspired

We also like the layout of the room because we think it integrates the kitchen/bar/living room space best. Although the sofa partially blocks the sliding door, you can still easily through the door to the balcony, and the light and breeze can still fill up the room. Since we wanted the person cooking dinner in the kitchen to be able to watch TV or enjoy conversation with anyone in the living room (you can see the bar stools and part of the bar between the kitchen and living room in the photo above) we wanted the media cabinet to be visible from the kitchen. This  essentially left us with 3 options for placement of the media cabinet. Because we decided to go with such a big sofa, though, we  felt that the way we have it now was the only way to keep the kitchen crew happy without blocking the hallway to the bedrooms & bathroom (which starts on the left side of the picture below, where you can see the beginning of our very-far-from-finsihed hallway gallery wall!)

PROGRESS Living Room Media Cabinet

We still have a ways to go, but we love this room so far. It’s comfortable, breezy, and fits our current lifestyle perfectly!

Here’s what we’d still like to do to make it look a little more finished and a little more personal:

  • Switch out the lamp for something more natural-looking (this lamp is actually one of a set whose partner is in our bedroom- eventually I want them both to be in our bedroom because they look really great in there!)
  • Get a low-pile, (maybe natural fiber?) rug to define the space. I’m still thinking through the color, pattern, size, texture that I’d like to see in here, so this one might take awhile.
  • Add a coffee table. I’d love a functional little table for drinks and board games! I’m thinking some sort of weathered wood creation, but am still working on the logistics.
  • Add a piece of furniture behind the sofa to hold my entertaining dish ware (right now they’re in a pile in the office…)
  • Add some plants! I’d love a flapjack succulent on the table and a fiddle-leaf fig in the corner to the right of the media table.
  • Hang some artwork

There you have it! Our new living room in all it’s in-progress glory! What are your thoughts on the space? Any suggestions now that you’ve seen it?!

5 thoughts on “House Tour: Living Room

  1. Love what you’ve done Sarah and Ben! We are in process of redoing our family room also and I’m thinking of doing one of those ottoman/coffee tables with built in storage, have you thought of that for your coffee table? If you have, let me know if you’ve found any good places to buy them. I’ve been watching

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