House Tour: Kitchen!

Hey y’all! Back again with another room of our new home House Tour! Welcome to our new kitchen!

Here’s what it looked like on move-in day:

Kitchen Before Journey Inspired

And here’s what it looks like today:

kitchen journey inspired progress

We love our new kitchen! It’s much smaller than our last, but the best thing about it is that it opens into the family room. In our last apartment the kitchen was at the complete opposite end of the house from the living room, which meant that whoever was cooking missed out on a lot of fun. Now, the kitchen crew can still be engaged with anyone in the living room or can watch TV if no one else is home. It’s so fabulous!

Kitchen Bar Journey Inspired Progress

Our new apartment doesn’t have room for a table, but we’re OK with that because:

  1. We have the awesome rooftop balcony with plenty of dinnertime seating and
  2. We can fit 4 people around the island with our barstools so we could host dinner for at least one other couple, plus that’s how we usually eat (usually 2 of the bar stools are at the kitchen island and 2 are in the office- more on that when we get to the office tour!)

Kitchen stools and bar Journey Inspired copy

When we were packing up all of our stuff to move we realized that about 80% of our stuff was either kitchen/bar ware or books. I’m not sure what that says about us, but the fact is we have a LOT of things (mostly beautiful wedding gifts from our fabulous friends and family) to store in our kitchen! Enter a day of spacial relation planning during move-in that this type-A girl thoroughly enjoyed;)

We love having people over and we have a pretty extensive barware collection with which to entertain. The cabinet situation in the kitchen really wouldn’t accommodate our barware; we needed all the cabinet space for our dishes, cookware, appliances and pantry food. So, off to Ikea we went to pick up this pretty little piece:

kitchen tall journey inspired PROGRESS

Believe it or not, we fit all of our cocktail glasses (to include margarita, martini, champagne, red wine, white wine, stemless, highball, irish coffee, iced tea and scotch glasses- feel free to judge!) as well as Ben’s shaker and mixing tools, and our liquor and mixers. I’ll be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how functional this piece is! It’s narrow enough not to block the pathway from the living room to the kitchen, but big enough to fit everything we need it to.

As for the cabinets, they are all full of our dishes, glasses, mixing bowls, etc, etc. It was a bit of a challenge to find a space for our everyday things (not the toaster oven on the fridge) but we made it work!

Kitchen Cabinet Journey Inspired PROGRESS

I still have a few platters and various entertaining pieces that need a home (they’re currently in a pile in the office) but I’m still thinking through a solution for that! I’ll post on that when I make some progress there. At the moment I’m thinking of getting a second cabinet to match the bar cabinet and maybe putting it behind the sofa, without the doors. The positives to this plan are that it would store the items relatively close to the kitchen, the repetition of the gray wood color would balance the room and it would be nice to have a matching pair of cabinets in case we take these with us to our next home. The drawback is that it would be a little inconvenient to reach behind the sofa to get to the pieces. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide!

The other really fabulous feature in our kitchen is the 42″ tall bar. Ben and I are both pretty tall people, and we really appreciate the extra few inches that this counter gives us! Instead of always stooping over to prepare dinner, we feel like we can both stand up straight and work at a much more comfortable height. (More on this here)

kitchen into living room journey inspired PROGRESS

We love how our new kitchen fits into our lifestyle! And, now that I can still hang out with Ben while I’m in the kitchen, I’ve been doing a lot more baking! Not great for our waistlines, but still fun;)

What’s the best thing you did to make your kitchen more functional? Any ideas for the storing our entertaining pieces since you’ve now seen our living room and kitchen?

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