House Tour: Our Bedroom

Hi everyone!

Hope y’all had a good weekend! We spent some time working, visiting the Getty Museum, trying a new restaurant with awesome Mexican and margaritas, going to church, and watching the Super Bowl. Let me tell you: it was so strange watching the Super Bowl at 3:30 in the afternoon! Still getting used to the West Coast-isms.

Anyway, back to the House Tour! Today let’s take a look at our bedroom. It’s probably the farthest room from finished (well, it might be tied with our second room.) Here’s what it looked like on move-in day:

Before Bedroom

And here’s what it looks like now (very far-from finished):

Progress Bedroom

Our bedroom is the smallest room in our apartment. Some of you might think it’s unusual that we chose the smaller, darker bedroom to sleep in over the larger, much brighter bedroom. We had a few reasons for making this decision:

  1. We need an office space, library (I like to call our excessive collection of books our library because I think it sounds cool and it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast) and a guest room. We thought that if we used the smaller room as our bedroom, we just might be able to arrange our second room to accommodate all three of these functions…more on this when I post about our Guest room!
  2. I wanted our office space to be bright and sunny for Dear June photoshoots
  3. We kind of like a cozy bedroom
  4. I’m kind of excited about decorating a room that is 85% filled with a bed!

Anyway, back to the pictures. This is the wall opposite the bed/window:

Progress Dresser Side

And those two pictures pretty much show you the entirety of our tiny, cozy  bedroom. Clearly it needs some work. Most pressingly, a lampshade. (Full to-do list below)

This side is my side:

Progress Bed My Side

And this is Ben’s side (his bedside table is currently my old Dear June desk. It’s working for now) :

Progress His Side

The structure of our bedroom is coming together really well (despite the progress we still need to make.) I love the big bed centered on the window! I love the soft curtains that let in as much light as possible while still adding some privacy. I love, love, LOVE the big-girl lamps I snagged at Homegoods. They look so fancy 🙂 And I still love my bedside table. (It was one of the few pieces that we brought from Richmond- I rescued it from being thrown away and gave it a little makeover about 3 years ago. It’s a SUPER functional piece and I think it has nice ‘bones’)

Lamp and Curtains

I also like the look of the necklace hanger I made out of an Ikea frame that broke during the move. I haven’t decided if it’s going to stay, but still, I like it!
Necklace Holder small

Now for the things that I’d still like to do:

Progress Bed & Bedside Tables

  1. Bed: I would really, REALLY love a canopy bed for this room! Something about the whole bed-takes-up-most-of-the-room thing makes me want to really do something big with it! I’m thinking some sexy, streamlined natural/bleach wood posters with soft white sheers to repeat the window sheers. I think the wood bed frame tames the femininity of having sheers surround your bed… or maybe I just hope that’s true so that Ben will jump on board 😉 I’m still shopping around for something that fits the budget and the look I’m going for. Hopefully I’ll find something!
  2. Accessories: I really love the whole neutral color scheme we’ve got going on in this apartment. It’s calming and airy and bright. That being said, I’m leaning towards adding a subtle accent color in our bedroom. I’m still debating what I think will work best to add a little interest without detracting from the breeziness of the color scheme (soft mint? gold? navy?) Whenever I settle on that color/those colors, I’ll be painting my pink bedside tray, adding some accent pillows, and doing something with the box springs.
  3. Rug: I’d love to add a rug in the bedroom. I’m not sure if I want to do just a runner between the end of the bed and the dresser, or a full rug that covers most of the floor. I’ve been shopping around for gray and white geometric patterned rugs- will keep you posted on what I find!
  4. Art: I’d love to hang something on the walls. I’m not sure what yet, but the walls are feeling pretty bare! I’d love to do something sentimental. Once I decide on the accent colors, I’ll think about the art!
  5. Above-the-dresser situation: OK this is the biggest conundrum I’ve been pondering. I’m thinking I need something natural and big- like bleached wood, but I have NO solid ideas yet. But I’ll think of something and I’ll keep you posted!

Well friends and family, that’s what our new bedroom looks like!

Does anyone have a canopy bed? Or meaningful art in your bedroom? I’d love to hear ideas and/or see pictures!

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