La Jolla for a few days…

Hi everyone!

Guess where I am? A Starbucks in La Jolla, CA 🙂 Ben has been traveling to La Jolla (a little town within San Diego) 2 days a week for the last few weeks (one of his clients is based there) and this time around my work schedule just happened to fall perfectly so that I could join him!

So while Ben worked hard with his team, I spent a few hours today sight-seeing around this gorgeous little beach town.

La Jolla ocean view Journey Inspired

I’ve actually been to La Jolla before; back in 2010 my college roommates (hi loves!) and I met in San Diego for our annual post-college reunion. On one of the days of our trip, we brunched in style in La Jolla.

(This is where I would insert a fun pic from that brunch, but I don’t have my external hard drive with me, so just pretend it’s here…)

But back to today: I started my little adventure on Prospect Street, where I soon stumbled upon the phenomenal little beach of La Jolla Cove, which was full of sea life!

LaJolla beach

There were these beautiful pelicans perched on a rock overlooking the cove:

pelican journey inspired

And this little (sea?) pigeon who looked an awful lot like his cousins the New-York-City pigeons:

beach pigeon journey inspired

He was standing guard at the entrance to this really neat little ‘cave’ that was carved out of the rocks. People were walking through it, but due to my poor planning in footwear for the day (leather ballet flats) I stayed on the beach. Gym shoes tomorrow, for sure!

ocean tunnel journey inspired

Here’s another gratuitous picture of a neat-looking rock:

la jolla rock journey inspired

This little section of the San Deigo shoreline is part of a Marine life preservation effort that was started in the 1970’s. There’s a big sign that informs visitors of the little ecosystems that can be found within the tidal pools here. So, naturally, I went looking for the tidal pools. And guess what I found? Remember in third grade when the class pet was a hermit crab? Well, they do exist in nature! Cool, right?

hermit crabs journey inspired

But the MOST exciting animals I found in the cove were the seals!

seals la jolla journey inspired cropped

There was a big group of seals hanging out on this rock and they were hilarious to watch! They made all sorts of noise and were playing on the rocks and in the waves.

seals la jolla 2 journey inspiredAnd there were a few that were HUGE! It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the big guy lounging on this rock was enormous.

big seal

I also saw these adorable little sea squirrels! They look very different from the squirrels on the East Coast; these guys are spotted, have long arms and small tails.

beach squirrel 2In addition to the wildlife, the coastline itself was beautiful to look at!

La Jolla shore journey inspired

There were a lot of rocky outcroppings that reminded me of the New England coastline.

And some of the coastline was made up of sheer cliffs:

green overlook Journey Inspired

The plant life growing on the coastline was also really beautiful. On Cape Cod you see roses growing along the rocky coast; here you see all sorts of succulents:

cove surfer journey inspired

LaJolla cliff journey inspired

succulent on the ocean cliff dear juneI also really enjoyed some of the man-made structures along the coast. Like this little look-out:

Green scenic outlook journey inspired

And this inspirational lifeguard lock box (no idea what it holds…)

lifeguard box journey inspired

And this pretty lifeguard stand that reminds me of Nantucket:

Lifeguard Stand Journey Inspired

I had a blast exploring La Jolla today! A very rare rainstorm rolled in this afternoon around 3:30. It was beautiful to watch, but I’m hoping tomorrow is sunny again so I can take more photos to share!

La Jolla Coast Journey Inspired


Anyone have any suggestions of ‘must see’ places or things in La Jolla for tomorrow?

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