House Tour: Guest Room/Office/Library

Hi y’all! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend!

Today I’ll get back to our house tour- let’s take a look at our Guest room/Office/Library!

guest bed PROGRESS journey inspired copy

If you remember back to the post about Our Bedroom, you’ll remember I mentioned that we chose to use the smaller bedroom as our bedroom so that the bigger bedroom can be a super-functional guest room/office/library. After some careful planning, and some strategic pieces of furniture, we’ve gotten this room to work really well for us!

Here’s what the ‘guest room’ section of the room looked like on move-in day:

guest room BEFORE journey inspired

As you can see, it’s a bright, cheerful room! Behind that wall of mirrors is my closet (Ben’s is in our bedroom. After living in the Fan in Richmond for 4 years, it is SO nice to have 2 whole closets in our apartment!)

To save you from having to scroll, here’s what the guest room area of the room looks like now:

guest bed PROGRESS journey inspired copy

Opposite the bed is the Office section of the room. Here’s what it looked like on move-in day:

guest room 3 BEFORE journey inspired

And here’s where we are so far:

above desk progress journey inspired

The last section of the room is the Library. (I like to describe our ridiculously large book collection as a library because it sounds cool and I think it makes it seem like our compulsion for book-buying is intellectual 😉 ) Anyway,  it’s pretty difficult to photograph the library, so I’m using the mirrors which are directly across from the library to show you where the books sit. Here’s the before:

guest room 2 BEFORE journey inspired

And here’s the after:

library Progress journey inspired copy

So now that you’ve seen a quick overview of the room, let’s take a closer look at each section.

Guest room Area:

This is where all of our wonderful guests stay when they visit! We have it set us as a daybed normally so that it can be a seating area, but when guests come, we set up the head of the bed closer to the closet.
guest bed PROGRESS journey inspired copy

As you can see, we stuck with the whole neutrals color scheme for the guest room so that the whole apartment flows together. Here’s the bedding we have at this point. The stripes are from our duvet set in our bedroom, and the sheets are a really fun Threshold pattern from Target. They’re super soft and gender neutral. We might add some color in here in the future, but we’re happy with how it looks right now!

guest room linens PROGRESS journey inspired copy

Now, let’s talk about the awesome bed we bought for this space. It’s the Brimnes bed from Ikea, and it’s GREAT for storage! It has 4 huge drawers (we have 2 facing the wall right now full of things we don’t use very often) and has also been so functional for storing extra bedding for when more than 2 guests visit (it fits our queen air mattress, a few sheet sets, a down comforter, and 2 quilts in the front 2 drawers!)

Here’s a close-up of one of the drawers:

guest bed drawers PROGRESS journey inspired copy

I don’t love the handles, but they’re functional while I search for something I love.

Adjacent to the foot of the bed is the library, which looks like this:

library 2 PROGRESS Journey Inspired copy

Feel free to laugh, but I organized the books by subject on each of the levels, and then arranged them by color in rainbow order. My sister, Lauren (who organized her crayon box by rainbow order as a child) would be so proud! And any library science specialist would be appalled 😉 I need to get a few decorative baskets to hold some of the contents of the mis-matching boxes.

books PROGRESS journey inspired

And just for fun, here’s my very tall stack of House Beautiful mags. I DO love this magazine!

house beautiful mags

And now for the last section of the room- the office! I’m actually pretty pumped about how this space is shaping up. Here’s what it looks like right now:

desk 2 progress journey inspied copy

When we were thinking about the office space we needed, we decided we definitely wanted enough room for both  of us to work at the same time (since we both end up working a lot in the evenings.)

We also had some factors to consider in this room, for instance: we needed to keep the heat vent clear and we didn’t want any piece of furniture to block access to the closet.

Storage space was a huge must in the office area, too. I have a lot of supplies for Dear June that I needed to corral, an I really wanted to maximize desktop space and hide all our other office and art supplies.

Lastly, as I mentioned back in our Kitchen Tour,  after working at the kitchen island without chairs, we decided we really want to have the option to stand at the workspace we come up with. This plan worked really nicely with my ‘I-want-to-have-a-full-set-of-barstools’ plan, which was also cool!

So with all this in mind, I came up with a rough concept for the office area: 2 tall drawer towers, a long tabletop, 2 bar stools to match the kitchen barstools (all of which to not extend into the closet space) my 2 wall-mount files, 2 sconces, and 2 inspiration boards.

I’ll be honest, it took two months of searching before I found tall enough drawer towers for our desk. I FINALLY found some perfect pieces at Home Decorator’s Collection that I painted (I’ll be posting about that fun process soon!) But here’s the finished product:

desk tower progress journey inspired

Once I found the drawer sets, I searched for a few more weeks to find a desktop narrow enough to not block the closer or the top drawers, but also wide enough to allow for 2 workspaces. It took awhile, but I found a closet storage component at Home Depot that worked!

Here’s a closeup of the whole drawer tower/desktop combination:

desktop progress journey inspired copy

So, here is my workspace (with some Dear June supplies on the desktop):

Sarahs desk space PROGRESS journey inspired copy

and my Pottery Barn wall-mount files that I’ve carried with me to each company I’ve worked for (and now finally get to hang all pretty and organized in my home!)

Hanging files Dear June Joureny Inspired copy

And here is Ben’s workspace. The gorgeous wooden vase is from my sister, she found it in Ecuador, and it holds a bunch of rope. And of course there are darts for the dartboard, and Ben’s collection of bar coasters. We’re going to do something REALLY cool with these eventually, but for now, it’s just  a stack.

Bens desktop PROGRESS journey inspired

And here is one of the 2 bar stools that match the stools in the kitchen, completing our set of stools!

Desk Chair journey inspired copy

Now that you’ve seen the progress, here’s what we’ve still got left to do:

  1. A rug to warm up the space
  2. Curtains
  3. Inspiration Boards
  4. Sconces for above the desk
  5. Lamps
  6. Upholster the box springs
  7. Some cozying up
  8. And fixing the side of the tabletop (see picture below)

desktop edge progress journey inspired copy

The tabletop was finished on the 2 long sides, but the short sides are both particle board. I’m still working on the best way to clean up this edge.

Anyway, thanks for taking our guest room tour!

Now, I need your input: what are the best little additions that make guest rooms more comfortable for guests? What is particularly cozy for you as a guest?

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