Where I look for Inspiration

I often get asked about where I look for inspiration, and in the last few weeks it seems like I’ve been asked this question more frequently than normal. So, I thought I’d visually share with  you some of the places I look for inspiration!

Let me start by saying that I am constantly being inspired by my visual surroundings. Some people are inspired by music and sound, and I do appreciate music, but I am a REALLY visual person. I walk around cataloguing all the inspiring things I see in my memory like it’s second nature. I often find myself imagining what medium I would use to capture a scene (photography, oils, chalks) or, more frequently, daydreaming about how I would arrange and decorate a space if I lived in it. (It’s weird, I know!)

I’m inspired by most of the things I see in some way or other, but I have a few ‘go-to’ wells of inspiration that I like to check out pretty frequently. Here are the people whose work inspires me daily:

1. Erika Powell, Urban Grace Interiors:

design & photo credit: urban grace

design & photo credit: urban grace

I absolutely love Erika Powell’s style. Her designs are the perfect mix of architectural detail, crispness, subtle color, and southern style. Her blog is a fun insight into her life as a designer and mother (although it’s been awhile since she’s posted as she just had a second daughter) and I look at her website and Instagram often for inspiration.

In fact, I love her work so much that Ben and I travelled to Rosemary Beach back in 2012 to see the Coastal Living Ultimate Dream Home that she designed. Not only was Rosemary Beach an absolutely beautiful and relaxing place for a quick vacation, but seeing her designs in person was really exciting! (For me mostly, although Ben really loved the outdoor grilling area/patio she designed!)

She also has such an adorable family and I love to see how she incorporates beautiful home design so well with being a devoted  mother/wife/twin sister/daughter!

Check her out here:

  • website: http://www.urbangrace.com
  • blog: http://blog.urbangrace.com


2. Layla Palmer, The Lettered Cottage

design & photo credit: The Lettered Cottage

design & photo credit: The Lettered Cottage

I love reading Layla’s blog! She is such a sweet, positive person and I love to hear about all the beautiful things she does in her life. Layla’s blog is one of the 4 that I check everyday. This girl’s got some serious talent! While her style is a little more ‘farmhouse chic’ than my own, I am inspired by a lot of what she does.

For instance, I love that she includes fun architectural detailing like cladding and built-in furniture into her rooms. (Can you tell that I have a thing for ‘architectural details’?) I think it’s so incredible to see what a few wood details can do in the way of polishing a room!

Also, I love the photography on Layla’s blog. It’s so bright and happy and sunny. I’m not sure if she takes the pictures, or if her husband, Kevin, takes the pictures (he’s a photographer among other things) or maybe both of them, but regardless, I find any picture she shares to be so inspiring. The composition and light of each of their photos is just my style!

And lastly, I love the color schemes she chooses. The pale wall colors paired with bright white details and balanced with darker wood tones. So beautiful!

Check her out here: http://www.theletteredcottage.net


3. John & Sherry, Young House Love

design & photo credit: Young House Love

design & photo credit: Young House Love

You’ve probably heard of Young House Love (shout out to Richmond!) They’re another blog that I check daily. I also have their book.

I am inspired in many ways by John & Sherry. First and foremost, I am definitely that girls with champagne taste and I am also a girl that LOVES to work with my hands and create things. So naturally, I love to follow along as they DIY their way to a beautiful home that suits their personalities. I can’t wait to own a home one day and try out a few ideas that have been waiting patiently in my inspiration catalogue head for awhile!

Also, I love how personal their blog is. I love the community they create in their little corner of the internet. And I love to see how they balance their family life and work life. They’ve accomplished so much and it’s really motivating to follow their journey!

Check them out here: http://www.younghouselove.com


4. Ashley & Greg, 7th House on the Left

design & photo credit: 7th House on the Left

design & photo credit: 7th House on the Left

Another Richmond blog that I check everyday! Ashley is a fellow graphic designer, so I can relate in many ways to her approach to design. She’s also super organized, which I highly respect (and kind of envy a bit 😉 )

I love to see what Ashley and Greg do with their spaces! They like to incorporate old pieces into modern design, and the history student in me LOVES that! Also, it’s fun to see the colors and textures they pair together; I tend to feel more inspired in bright, airy spaces, but Ben prefers dark, more masculine spaces. Ashely and Greg seem to balance those two extremes, which is fun to see in action!

My favorite ‘project’ that they tackled is their kitchen renovation. It’s so clean and inspiring! But you can see all of their other projects at: http://www.7thhouseontheleft.com


5. Katie, BowerPower

design & photo credit: Bower Power Blog

design & photo credit: Bower Power Blog

Katie’s blog completes my list of every-day-inspiration stops! She’s got a spunky ‘voice’ and really fun taste. And her family is precious!

What most inspires me about Katie is her fearlessness. She is game to try anything and I really appreciate that about her.

I also love her use of bright whites, pale wall colors, and how she personalizes her home. I LOVE their kitchen- the marble, the pale gray/blue walls, the personal touches- so great! And her photography is also really beautiful! She’s quite talented and I love that she shares her knowledge of photography, DIY, parenting, you name it!

Check her out here: http://www.bowerpowerblog.com


6. Southern Charm

photo sourced from Southern Charm

photo sourced from Southern Charm

I just love to stop by this tumblr page! The woman who curates these images has such a fun sense of style!

I love the outfit images she includes. When I’m at a loss for what to wear, I often come here.

Also, in my dream world, I’d have a super-preppy, Lily-inspired home that is so girly and happy like many of the spaces she posts pictures of. But in real life, maybe one day I’ll get just one room like that 😉

check it out here: http://southernpiphi.tumblr.com


And there you have it: my go-to sources of inspiration! Hope you like them! I’m always on the lookout for more sources- what are your favorite places to gather inspiration? I’d love to check them out. 


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