A little touch of gold

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂

Just thought I’d post a little update on some of the small-scale decorating I’ve been doing lately. I love the tiny accessories that make a space unique, and I particularly love finding/making things that are both beautiful and functional for a space (maybe that’s my year of architecture education talking? SO many lectures on form vs. function…I guess it stuck!)

I’ve been really digging gold lately, so when Ben was out of town working last Thursday night I sat down with some gold paint, a glass of wine, and Season 5 of Friends and had a little makeover fun with 2 items I had around the house.

gold paint journey inspired

Project 1: My Bedside Table Tray

Back when I posted our bedroom tour, I mentioned that I was still thinking about what accent color to use in the room to give it a little more interest. While I’m still debating bringing in an actual color, I did add a little gold in the mix! In my mind gold is more of a neutral since it’s a metallic, but I do think it adds a lot to a space. We also already have some gold in the mix with the hardware on my table and our dresser, so it wasn’t an unexpected addition.

Anyway, remember (probably not) how I have a little tray on my bedside table and that tray used to be pink? Here’s a picture to jog your memory:

Progress Bed My Side

While I loved it pink in our old space, and in general really, it just didn’t work with my vision for our new bedroom. So, I got a little crazy with some gold and white paint (and ‘The One After Ross Says Rachel’) and here’s what my pretty little tray looks like now:

bedside table journey inspired

I first painted the whole thing gold and that was WAY too much gold. I wish I had taken a picture of that, but I didn’t, so you’ll just have to trust me-it was too much gold. So, I brought in a little white to soften the effect, and I LOVE it!

bedside tray journey inspired

The little geometric pattern around the edge of the tray is my favorite part of the tray and I like that the gold accentuates the quatrefoils against the white background. Also, the white kind of blends into the bedside table, which makes the gold stand out even more, but still look soft and a little luxe.

bedside journey inspired

In general I love this little tray- It’s been on my bedside table for years and it makes my table so functional. It holds my phone charger in place so that it doesn’t fall behind the bed every night (you can see it discreetly sticking out over my candle.) It holds a pretty little vase of flowers, and flowers are my favorite. And there’s my little candle in the corner and my House Beautiful magazines, which right now are buried under my Lent study. For the most part, though, this is what my bedside table looks like on a daily basis (which is pretty tidy for someone notorious for making piles of stuff to go through on every other surface in the house…) I credit the tray 🙂

Project 2: Gold-dipped Vase

My next project of the night was a little ceramic container.

For my birthday my sweet parents and sister, Kat sent me a beautiful flower arrangement! (Sorry for phone-quality photo. Doh.)

flowers from mom dad and kat journey inspired

The arrangement came in a beautiful warm-white ceramic container, and when it was time to throw the arrangement away, I thought it would be fun to add a little polish to the container, and keep it always as a reminder of how much I love my family! I had recently seen some white containers with gold rims (though I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw them) so I thought I’d try it out:

gold dipped container journey inspired

I think it turned out SO sweet! I love the uneven, ‘drippy’ look. I’m still deciding on where it’s going to live, and what its function will be, but I do think it’s chic and pretty. Any ideas?

gold dipped vase 2 journey inspired

So that’s what I did last Thursday evening!

gold dipped vase and tray journey inspired

Anyone else love a good craft night after work? Anyone else love Friends as much as I do? 😉

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