New Coffee Table

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Guess what we got this weekend? That’s right-a coffee table!

coffee table journey inspired 4

Ooh and she’s pretty! I’ve been thinking through the look for the coffee table for a few months now. I threw around tons of ideas but ended up deciding that the room really needed some circular elements to soften the square-ness of the sofa.

coffee table journey inspired 1

And, a circular table would make it easier to move around the table to get to the sofa seats.

coffee table journey inspired 8

So I shopped around and found this table that was the perfect size and style, but not the perfect color. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this, so I figured I’d get something affordable and do a little hacking to make it perfect for our space. Here’s what the table looked like before (at night, on my phone, with a load of folded bath towels…)

coffee table journey inspired 11

The glass isn’t on the table in this shot, but as you can see, the wrought iron finish makes a really strong statement in the room, and doesn’t really match any of the other elements in the room. So on Sunday afternoon I spent some time spray painting it gold (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been really loving gold lately…):

coffee table journey inspired 7

So much better, right!? I love the lines of the table, and I think that the gold really emphasizes the shape without calling too much attention to the table.

coffee table journey inspired 10

I also added this tray to the table top to bring in a little ‘natural’- I think it ties in nicely with the shades beneath our sheer curtains as well as the dry bar shelving. I also think it’s cool that the weave on the basket kind of mirrors the knit pattern on the blanket. In the words of Bob Ross: ‘Happy Accident’!

coffee table journey inspired 9

I’m so happy with our new addition! And just for good measure, here’s one last gratuitous picture for you:

coffee table journey inspired 2

Have a very happy rest of your day! 🙂

7 thoughts on “New Coffee Table

  1. I hear there are a lot of earthquakes in L.A. right now. I hope you’re tremor-proofing the house! Stay safe.

  2. Your living room is so pretty! It’s like an oasis of freshness.

    After what feels like 3 years of winter here in the city, I just want to spend an afternoon napping in the sun on your couch.

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