A Day in the Life

Hi everyone!

Today I thought I’d share a little snapshot into a typical day in my life since we moved out to California! It’s taken a few months to get settled into a routine (and to be honest, every day is still different) but I’d love to be able to look back on this time of our lives and really remember what a typical day looks like. And I thought you might be interested, too 🙂

So here’s what I did today:

4:45 am – Off to work!

Ever since we moved out here I’ve been working at JCrew. It’s been such a fun experience that has taught me so much, and has been a great opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful design all day, everyday! (Not to mention some pretty great people and some excellent discounts on pretty things like the skirt and shoes I just purchased for Spring 😉 )


I’m the Visuals Manager, so I often get to work some pretty crazy hours with the rest of the Visual Merchandising team. Today we started the day off bright and early to finish up the visuals for the spring rollout. We also spent a lot of time organizing the visual props (organizing + pretty things to look at = my idea of a very fun day!) and we ended up collecting dozens of books from an old floor set. We loaded crates of those books into my car so that  I can drop them by the library tomorrow to donate!

Boxes of books

9:30 am- Lunch Break

I’m using my lunch break today to zip over to Home Depot; I’ve got a really fun idea for a new series on the blog and I wanted to pick up some supplies and get started right away. Can’t wait to show you guys the finished product/start the series!

Project supplies

2:30 pm- Flower Shop Stop

On my way home I pop into a local flower shop called Deep Roots. I helped out here over Valentine’s Day week  this year and met some really sweet people! Today’s mission is picking out some flowers for a Dear June photoshoot I’ve got planned for this afternoon! I love everything about flowers- picking them out, arranging them, smelling them, photographing them, looking at them…they remind me to stay grounded and appreciate the beauty in everything.


3:00 pm- Dry Cleaners

Because hubs looks gooood in [clean] work clothes 😉

3:15 pm- Mail Call!

I get home to find packages waiting for me. I’m working on a few projects for some sweet brides right now (hi Emily, Chandler and Katherine!) and some of the envelopes for their projects arrived today. Of course I had to open them right away and see how pretty they are–can’t wait to put everything together and share the finished product!


3:30 pm- Photo shoot!

I had some fun arranging the flowers I bought and setting up the photo shoot for Lauren and Corey’s invitation suite! They’re getting married in Manteo in the Outer Banks and I had so much fun working with them on their invitations. Lauren and Corey are so relaxed and down-to-earth and I had fun meeting them for drinks and brainstorming back in the fall. Lauren worked with Ben in Richmond and we’ve known each other for years! Anyway, now that the invitations have been mailed out and the guests have received them, I’m taking photos to share the finished product! (Once I finish the shoot and edit the pictures they’ll be up on all Dear June’s sites: Instagram, Facebook, website)



And here’s a sneak peak of the Dear June shoot, because I can’t resist!:

blue and white invitation detail Dear June

5:00 pm- Calligraphy

I’m working on a few calligraphy projects at the moment, and one of them involves this beautiful pink ink! So fun, right? Can you guess what it’s for? 😉


I also spent some time working on the calligraphy for a wedding invitation, which is a collaboration project with the sweet and talented Elizabeth of Riva Letterpress! Dear June is providing the calligraphy for the invitation and Riva Letterpress is doing the letter pressing–it’s going to be such a beautiful combination of artistry and I can’t wait to see it finished!

I usually like to listen to Fresh Air (www.npr.org under the programs tab) while I work- I love listening to the interviews and learning about people, places and things I would otherwise never have known about!

6:00 pm- Quick workout and phone date with my family

My sister, Katherine, is a personal trainer and has so kindly written me a series of workouts to follow. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t been following them as well as I should, but since I’m documenting my day, I definitely want to squeeze it in 😉 I also got to talk with my family for a short bit! It’s so strange to be 3,000 miles away from them, but we talk several times a week, which is almost as good as living close. 😉

7:00 pm- Dinnertime!

Ben got to come home early enough for dinner tonight! Since we moved here he has been working pretty late most nights (or is out of town.) We usually only get to eat dinner together on the weekends, so tonight is a really nice change! We quickly ate leftovers, before heading down to the beach.

7:30 pm- Sunset!

We don’t get to enjoy the beach everyday, but we do try to make it down there for a quick run or to watch a sunset as often as possible. Since Ben is home in time tonight, we head down to the beach with the rest of the Hermosa Beach community to watching the sunset– even though we don’t know many people that live near us, it still feels so nice to be a part of the nightly tradition with the neighbors. I love that people take the time to head to the water and enjoy the sunset, even just for a few minutes.


sunset 2_journey_inspired

And here’s a picture I snapped secretly to capture Ben’s love of dogs, haha. A couple of pups were passing by on the strand and he was very excited to see them 🙂


8:00 pm- Pier walk and impromptu live jazz

After the sun set, we spent some time walking around the pier and chatting about our days. It was a beautiful night, warmer than it’s been since October, and we took our time strolling around and people watching. We even saw some sea lions looking for dinner (on the end of some fishermen’s rods, haha!) On our wall back home, we passed a bar we’ve never noticed where a live jazz quartet was playing. Even though Ben had a few hours of work left ahead of him, we decided to stop in for a drink– we can never resist live jazz 😉

jazz band

The band consisted of a pianist, drummer, [standup] bassist, and tenor saxophonist, and their music was excellent! In my book there is nothing more sultry than jazz and red wine with the windows open. Extra points for live jazz.

It was so fun to be able to go out again on a weeknight! I know that makes us sound old, but Ben’s been working such long hours and I’ve been working such strange hours that we rarely get to do that anymore- we decided then and there to make it a point to do things like this more often. 😉

10:00 pm- A little work nightcap

When the band stopped, we strolled back home so that Ben could put in a few more hours of work and I could answer a few emails. I didn’t last long, though, and ended up reading for a bit before falling asleep around 11. Oops!

And there you have it: that’s a typical day in my life since we moved! Life in California has been different from our life in Richmond, but definitely still good. Back home we played a lot of Rec Sports with our friends during the week and went to a lot of happy hours with friends after work (like games at Gus’s, Taco Tuesday at Curbside, and 1/2 bottle Fridays at the VMFA!) Now we do most of our socializing on the weekends, and we only have a few favorite places so far (like Abigaile and Palmilla)- we’re still exploring the area to find ‘our spots.’ Also, my work life in Richmond was more of an 8-5 kind of deal, but it’s been great to have a schedule that sometimes allows me to enjoy some sunshine on the beach during the day:)

I’m so thankful for the life I lead- I’m blessed to have such a loving husband and a wonderful family and group of friends (both near and far!) the chance to enjoy being creative and co-own Dear June, a job and a home, and the opportunity to explore a new and beautiful place. God is so good and I am so lucky! A note to my future self: your 20’s were awesome! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. I love that your lunch break was at 9:30 😉 Those sunset pics are amazing!!! That’s quite the view for a sunset 🙂 So happy you are taking it all in!!!

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