The Nursery: We’re calling it done

Hi everyone!

It’s been entirely too long since we’ve posted (like over a year) which means I have tons of updates and pictures for you (coming in the next several weeks) but in the meantime, here’s the big news in our lives:

  1. We moved back to Richmond, VA last month!
  2. We’re expecting our first baby – a little girl who is due in a week!!

We are excited beyond words to welcome our daughter (so excited that we’re happy to have her debut any day now…I’m particularly ready for her as I’m sure any pregnant woman can imagine 🙂 )

We’ve had many requests for pictures of the nursery, so this post is all about the nursery as it stands today! (There are a few ‘would-be-nice’ touches I’d like to add, but we’re calling it done as is for now – we’ve been spending our nights and weekends moving and unpacking and setting up the house for the last few weeks and we’ve decided that now it’s time to just chill and go on dates before that gets to be harder to do. 🙂 )

So without further ado, here’s baby girl’s nursery:

DSC_0021 Entry View 3 small

I should set up the scene a little:

This room is about 6′ x 8′ with a little closet that bumps out into the room, so it was a really fun challenge to try to fit everything we needed for the baby in such a small space. (I really do love working with small spaces! You can be so creative with how to use them effectively. I’ll share those details in a second.) I should also note that the plaster in the closet was in such bad shape that we really can’t use it for any of baby’s things, so it just holds our moving boxes (since we’ve got at least one more move coming when we buy a home!)

DSC_0005 Pineapple Print small

What I really love most about this room is how bright and sunny it is! As happy as I am to be back in Richmond, I miss the California sunshine so much and this room is as close to that sunny apartment we had back in Hermosa that I think I’m gonna get! I love that it’s her room that’s the sunniest.

The inspiration for the nursery actually came from a flamingo print I found on Etsy. My parents and sisters got it for baby for her shower and I just love it. It hangs above the changing corner, behind her little driftwood mobile. (Note: it was incredibly difficult for my watermelon-bellied self to get a good picture of this corner since the room is SO small! The angles are off, but you get the idea!)

DSC_0023 changing area small

The ‘look’ I was going for was bright and airy and happy. What happier thing in the world is there than a brand new life!? I wanted baby’s nursery to reflect that happiness and be a  place that feels uplifting and sweet. The colors I chose were shades of pink, bright yellow, white and a little aqua to ground the space.

Ben did all the hard work to set up the room (trust me, it was so hard for me not to be in the middle of all the fun painting and furniture building and stuff – it was a great lesson in patience to let go and let someone else do the work! I just sat back and read him the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 😉 )

We painted three walls (the window and door walls) of the room ‘Shae’ by Behr and the crib wall in white. Shae is a super soft pink that gives the room just enough warmth to be interesting, but not enough color to make you take notice. For the crib wall, I wanted it to blend in with the furniture so that the art, accessories, and bedding would be the real focal points on that side of the room.

DSC_0030 Crib View small

Those two bookshelves on either side of the crib are crucial and a big part of how we made this room work. They’re Billy bookcases from IKEA with the door that you can get with them. Since the room is SO narrow, we needed a storage solution that was no more than 16″ wide, for each side and we needed to maximize the vertical space. We squeezed these babies in on either side of the crib with about half an inch to spare. Solid.

Here’s what’s in them: The baskets above the shelves hold her sheets and blankets. We’re both pretty tall so we have no problem reaching those – I hear we’ll need them a lot in the middle of the night. The lower shelves, which are hidden by the doors, have all of her clothes and shoes. We installed a tension rod on the left side bookshelf to hang her dresses, and the right side bookshelf holds all her folded onesies and leggings and jammies. On the top shelves behind the glass are her books, swaddles, hair bows/hats (yes, she already has a whole box full of those!) pacifiers and some pretty accessories.

Speaking of accessories, here are a few of the fun details in the room:

DSC_0032 Lilly Print View small

I loved this little page I found in a Lilly Pulitzer calendar that I got for free when Mom and I bought baby her first dress back in March! So, I tore it out and framed it. If you can’t read it, it says ‘Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.’ Pretty sure that’s true. The little succulent is a nod to where she was ‘baked’ and the yellow pouch holds all the pacifiers we’ve gotten – easy access right next to the crib!

DSC_0017 Crib Art small

Here is the artwork about the crib that showcases all of the colors and ties the room together. I need to get it framed (natural, light wood, very minimal) but that will just have to wait. In the meantime, image in a frame similar to the one around the pineapple print in the first picture. 🙂

DSC_0036 Accessories Box small

This fun pink striped box holds all her hair accessories. Hopefully she comes out with some hair because there are some really adorable things in that box 😉 I also really love that little yellow flower vase. So happy!

DSC_0045 Curtains small

The curtains were my Everest. I’ll start by saying I am not a seamstress. My patient mother has tried on many occasions to teach me how to sew. It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s more that I have an idea in my head and would rather explore the idea than follow a pattern, so I inevitably make any sewing project harder than it needs to be 🙂 In the case of these curtains, I had a look I was going for. I shopped around and couldn’t find anything that fit the look, so I went to all the fabric stores in Richmond. I finally found this PERFECT yellow stripe fabric. The problem was, the stripes ran vertically on the bolt and I was insistent that the curtains have horizontal yellow stripes. Well, in the end the curtains have horizontal yellow stripes, I practiced  A LOT of my college design math class skills (that class did end up coming in handy!) and I bonded for several hours (days) more than necessary with the sewing machine. I’ll call it a success.

DSC_0038 Lovies small

These are the sweet little lovies all ready for baby girl! My dad picked out the lamb and sent it to us in California right after we told our families we were pregnant. It’s the sweetest, softest little thing. And the beautiful white blanket was hand-knit by my mom. She’s really talented and makes baby blankets for every new baby she knows. Years ago I put in a request for a white blanket with a woven ribbon for the edging. Boy did she deliver! It’s so beautiful! Here’s the edging:

DSC_0041 Blanket detail small

Isn’t it gorgeous!? So delicate.

DSC_0049 Toy Basket small

And in case the lamb isn’t baby’s favorite lovey, here’s a whole basket full from friends and family! (PS that basket might be my favorite thing in the room. I can’t get over that pattern!)

DSC_0024 Nursing Chair small

That’s the nursing glider chair we got slip-covered. The fabric is a fun, textured white that can easily be washed (let’s face it, it’ll need to be washed…) I’m on the lookout for a pillow and throw, but haven’t found exactly what I want yet. We also have a ton of pillows and throws lying around that I can use in the meantime, so those can wait. 🙂

In this picture you can also see the changing corner. Again, we were really restricted in our furniture options because there is a radiator cover behind the chair beneath the window and there is only 27″ of wall space to slide a changing table into. We found this piece at Ikea (ah the perfect place for small space furniture!) The natural wood edging ties in really well with all the frames and this thing is stuffed full of all the diapering essentials.

DSC_0012 Entry View 2 small

And lastly, the little pink rug. It reminds me of the beach and I love it. I layered it on top of one of those foam rugs for the kitchen or bathroom instead of a rug pad, so it’s super soft and squishy. Yum.

And that completes the tour of baby’s room! We can’t wait to walk in there every morning and see her sweet face 🙂

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